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  1. Mike Viscome says:

    Dear Pastor Jim Johnson,
    I like your description” “helper and encourager of our churches and pastors.”
    Maybe you have seen our Gospel signs on folks property.These signs with Gods Word also are a “helper and encourager of our churches and pastors.”plus souls get saved,because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.
    Below is a brief description of our ministry.
    Gospel Text Mission is a 24 year old ministry that comes to the local church
    and gives away scripture signs that the congregation can display on their property.
    We don’t ask for money the Lord provides,we come to give not get.
    We tell the testimonies of people accepting Christ the Lord as a result of
    seeing the Word of God.
    The ministry travels from Maine to Virginia ,and would
    like to come and share the testimonies and give the signs away.
    You may reach us by:

    Gospel Text Mission
    206 CO. RT. 85 Fulton NY. 13069
    HM- 315-598-1122
    cell -315-532-4284
    Hope to hear from you,GOD BLESS,
    Brother Mike Viscome

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