Who We Are

The DelMarVa Baptist Fellowship is an association of independent Baptist churches stretching across Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. We began our fellowship in 1956.

Together we are able to:

* Raise a united voice for Bible-believing fundamental Baptist Churches

* Take a united stand against apostasy, the Charismatics and interdenominationalism

* Have a united front for the historic Baptist faith

* Bring encouragement to churches of ‘like precious faith’ (II Peter 1:1)

* Work together to accomplish ministries that one single church cannot or would find
difficult to do: Bible Camps/Youth Rallies/New Church planting/etc.

* Help avoid an isolationist-cult mentality. Our Fellowship maintains the autonomy and
sovereignty of the local church.

* Provide a wider Christian fellowship yet with those of similar convictions.

* Promote an atmosphere for spiritual growth and challenge through regularly
scheduled conferences; men’s retreats, ladies’ retreats, etc.

* Provide direction and strengthening for the position of the local church

* Have a ‘network’ of churches for involvement in Ordination Councils for new pastors;
recognition. Councils for new churches; and for sending forth of our God-called missionaries.

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